The Spirit of the Forest

(2020-work in progress)

In the project The Spirit of the Forest , I aim to create a discussion around our lost emotional and mythical relationship to Nature and the natural world through a photographic narrative. To do so, I wish to use different analog photographic techniques and alternative processes to capture and expose some of the mythologies surrounding Nature and its many mysteries. Along the way, I want to invite the viewer to accompany me down an age-old path through the forest, where the spirits of the land and our natural human connection to Nature are not limited to places and people in the visible world, but will expand to include the ancestral realm or spirit world as reality. 

”We cannot solve the problems facing us by using the same kind of thinking that created them.” said Einstein. Therefore, I hope to persuade the viewer to respond to the natural world as a mythology that can redefine and recreate the framework for a new culture where we are more in unity with Nature. In the course of the project, I wish to employ successive layers of consciousness connecting my own ancestral heritage and the place I am from to serve as the foundation of my project, while especially digging into Norse mythology and pagan north European narratives, folklore and symbols. While combining this with theories and ideas of contemporary environmentalists and biologists such as Peter Wolhleben and Stephen Harrod Buhner. 

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